History of First Haitian Baptist Church of Norwich

CaptureThe year of 1996 was the most blessed year for Haitian residents in Norwich Connecticut. With Rev. Georges Sterne Lys, pastor of Hartford Missionary Baptist Church in Hartford CT, a few members of that church, and a few residents in Norwich; on March 1996 started a movement of evangelization every Saturday, by going from house to house. A Few months after, that small group grew big enough to fine a location to worship on Sunday mornings. But at first, that was not too easy to find. Six months later, on September 29, 1996; Rev Georges Sterne Lys along with fifteen members total founded “Haitian Christian Church”. At 2 Union Square in Norwich (Central Baptist Church). A year later, the board members of Haitian Christian Church had decided to change the name of the Church to First Haitian Baptist Church of Norwich because at that time it was the only Haitian Church in the Community.


Reverend Estime Jozile

jozil brotherReverend Jozile is married Eronne Jozile and they have 4 children Reverend Jozile comes to faith and acknowledges Jesus Christ and in March 1995 and baptized on December 1995; after his baptism, Reverend Jozile answers the call to enter into Ministry, and became one of the co-founders of “Haitian Christian Church”; Later on, Rev. Jozile attended Hartford Seminary and graduated on May 2008. After many years of dedication and faithful service, in September 2012, reverend Jozile is ordained and chosen to become the senior pastor of First Haitian Baptist Church of Norwich. Pastor Jozile’s ambition is to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to serve his Community with love.



Pastor Jacques Cazeau

CazeauPastor Cazeau is the Associate Pastor at The First Haitian Baptist of Norwich Connecticut. Pastor Cazeau accepted the Lord in his life at 12 years old. Since his conversion, he surrender  his entire life to serve the Almighty God with passion and determination.

Pastor Cazeau came to the First Haitian Baptist Church in April of 2009.  He moved here from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

He graduated from the VICTORY BIBLE INSTITUTE & EMMAUS BIBLE SCHOOL  in Haiti. He was ordained as Pastor in 2005.  Each week, he has the privilege to teach the word  of God to the members of the First Haitian Church of Norwich.