Mission Statement

Mission Statement
We are community church to share the good News of Jesus Christ and to serve our community with love. As a God’s people, we are in dependence of Holy Spirit, seek to:

  • Worship God with sincerity of heart
  • Share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Have fellowship with all our brothers and sisters in Christ
  • Offer welcome and service to all people in this community
  • Witness to Christian values in our personal and corporate lives.

We exist to welcome people to faith; equip people with a faith that works in real life and send them in service into the world in Jesus name.
To fulfill our mission, we embrace the following purpose: to bring believers to spiritual maturity through:

  • Fellowship with others Christians
  • Learning and living Christ’s teachings
  • Outreach to all people
  • Worship Him alone and doing Service in His name.
  • To introduce people to Jesus Christ, to help them to grow to be more like him, and then to reproduce the process in others.
  • Our existence is to share the love of Christ and empower people to serve and glorify God.

Our Mission is: to worship God, to make disciples of Jesus and to serve the world.